Permaculture Portfolio

For the past six years we have both been studying and working on permaculture projects and in recent years we have been engaged in designing for many different clients, in a great variety of climates, situations and varying budgets. Friends and family just wanting get some of there own food out of their immediate surroundings. Retreat space communities run by donations, and a large scale research institute with a lot of land and capital it invest in to it.
It has been a long and winding road, with many lessons learned about what works and what does not, of appropriate and non-appropriate technologies, approaches and strategies.
But most of all it has been about how to work with others, because whether they be clients, designers, teachers or students, volunteers, or professionals of some sort, their contribution is equally vital in the forming and forging of a good permaculture design.
And for sure we all have a lot to learn from one another, whatever our background.
All involved come away leaving a little of themselves on the project, and taking a lot of new ideas, and inspirations with them, and maybe some times a restored hope in people and the world of tomorrow.

Below are our design presentations (click the pics to open the pdfs)

Hope you enjoyed our work, as we do more designs we will post them at the top of this list.
Thank you & Please leave comments as its always great to get feed back.   
Josh and Rosie

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