Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Fun and Games of 2015

2015 was one of those years that seemed long but was over before we knew it.  It was another year of intense learning  and many new achievements as well as some challenges and trying to be flexible enough to keep up with the twists and turns of life.  We moved in to our house in early summer (finally... hurray!!!).  Josh taught three PDC courses on his own for the first time while Rosie managed the lands and animals, just her and the boys.  Solomon and Lowarn are growing in revolutionary/solutionary leaps and bounds.
But first an update on the house       
Our green house came into great use, and vastly upped our production, esp with tomatoes,  squash & courgette 

 New downstairs door being fitted

Thermal mass bench evolution

One of the three lidded maintenance / cleaning holes

Chimney being fitted into thermal mass bench

Filled in with cork under and weak lime/sand/ river gravel mix around.

Bench being beautifully topped with mosaic by Rosie

Rosie's hand after days of clay liming

Upright of chimney going out of bottle wall after bench

No not more rendering!!!!!!

Passion fruits planted to be trained up and over greenhouse

Rendering the downstairs with kind helpful work swapping friends 

Inside of green house, still in need of much work

Sealing upstairs floor after re-sanding

 Used sunflower oil and vinegar as sealant 

Then we polished with linseed,  own bees wax and essential oil mix 

First night in the house!!!

Friend with metal working skills helping us build our own design Rocket Stove oven

Our shiny black dragon in place

Josh starting work on the stairs

First step in place

Chickens have arrived at Foz da cova

Our chicken tractor design made out of one and  half shelfing units
Passion fruit plants start their assent up over the greenhouse

Mascovy ducklings settling into a free range life  

Greenhouse planted up Boichar making the easyway. Also charing the bottoms of my fence posted to preserve and protect them root and boring insects. Chicken tractor on the move

This post is a work in process,  more to come so watch this space.