Permaculture Internships at Foz da Cova
Certificated Permaculture Design Course/
Advanced Permaculture Design Training
We are happy to be offering places on our Permaculture internship programs in which participants will stay with us here at Foz da Cova, for a minimum of a month, and immerse themselves in learning Permaculture, both the theory and in practise.  With plenty of time for practical, hands on experience, over the time you’ll get the opportunity to take the full PDC or gain more in depth experience of what you learnt in your PDC. You’ll have practical hands on time & practice some of what is learnt and volunteer their time helping with the running of a permaculture project in process.
How it works?                                                                                                                                                                 
This is a month long internship here on our land, with the potential to stay on longer if wanted.
It works as a part volunteer (4 days a week 4 to 6 hours a day hands on work, at times directly related to class what is learnt in class sessions eg laying down hugel growing beds on contour or working with animals, and at times not eg helping in the kitchen or clearing land), part payment (25 euro a week contribution for food) then you will have 2 course days on the land or in class with us (ether me or Rosie) of more in depth training on many of the subjects within permaculture.Then there is one free day a week to do as you feel, on these day there are lots of local interesting and beautiful places to visit.
As this Internship gives time for more one to one training, we plan the course by a mixture of the (You) participant’s interests and passions for certain subjects, the season, what we are doing at the time & what needs doing on the land. Subjects you'll likely learn while here no matter when you come are, eco building, plants uses & herbalism, permaculture water & land management, animal care, ways preserving food, ect. Also depending on the time you would like to come, there is the opportunity for you( Advanced Permaculture Design participants) to gain teaching experience on a subject you are comfortable with, alongside one of us on a course.    
We offer the internship to a small number of people at a time and so we can make it the PDC internship or the advanced internship depending on who is attending.  

Who is it for?
This Internship is open to all people and often attended by those in transition to a new life.  It is for those that want to do the PDC & those who have already done their PDC.    
It provides all the relevant knowledge and experience for anyone wanting to be a permaculture designer or further their knowledge and practice of permaculture.
Which type of learning will be used?
This internship is in large part practical, and can at times be hard work, though there is also class time and within these sessions we use a wide range of teaching methods, including:
·         digital presentations
·         practical activities
·         discussion/constructive debate
·         games & stories
·         whiteboard sessions
·         videos
·         observation exercises
·         guided walks
·         working in groups
PDC Internship participants
Who is the PDC certificated by?
The course is accredited by the UK Permaculture association.  This internationally recognised certificate will be awarded on completion of the whole course including a two day design workshop, finishing with a presentation of designs in which participants will illustrate what they have learnt.
What is the course contents?
The course is based on an international syllabus covering:
- Permaculture ethics
- Approaches to design
- Guiding Principles of Permaculture
- Biodiversity
- Learning and Study strategies
- Pattern in Design
- Wilderness and wildlife
Cultivated Ecology
- Permanent Pasture
- Forest Gardens
- Horticultural techniques
- No-till cultivation
- Biological pest control
- Strategies for different Climates
- Microclimates
Buildings and Structures
- Urban Permaculture
- Appropriate technology
- Waste reduction
- The home and workplace
- Energy efficient planning
- Waste recycling and disposal
- What is Living Soil?
- Soil regeneration techniques and Soil Conservation
Water in Landscape
- What is Living Water?
- Water conservation, collection and storage
- Wastewater and sewage treatment
- Aquaculture
Forests and Trees
- Energy transactions of trees
- Woodland establishment
- Types of forest
- Woodland management
Invisible Structures
- Real Wealth
- Land access
- Formal/informal economy
- Community development strategies
Design Workshop
- Design process and Presentation Skills
- Maps and Overlays
- Surveying
- Project Planning
Does the course include other subjects?
We include a range of other relevant subjects and practical exercises which aim to give each student a tool kit of basic skills to get started with confidence.
This course will also provide opportunities for students to learn more about:
·         Gardening
·         Eco building
·         Community spirit and living

Advanced Design Training Participants
We will co-design the content for this internship individually with each participant, allowing for, where possible, all their desired further learning and specialisation to be included.  There are opportunities within this for both personal design and implementation of the participants work on the lands here at Foz da Cova with the support of experienced design consultants and teachers.  There may also be the opportunity to teach with us and if this is an area you wish to further develop, please contact us as early as possible so we can schedule a time to enable you to do this.  All participants, at the end of this internship, will receive our feedback on all of their design work and teaching (where applicable).  For those who are in the process of doing , or wanting to do, the Diploma in applied Permaculture design, all of this work can form part of the designs required for your portfolio.  

Who is teaching?
Josh Gomez & Rosie Stonehill
·         They began studying Permaculture in 2005 when they attended an introductory course in Cornwall, UK.  
·         In April 2009 they organised and attended a PDC in central Portugal taught by Lesley Martin.
·         They have been creating designs for many different sites in Portugal and the UK.
·         Whilst studying for the Permaculture diploma, they assisted in facilitating various Permaculture courses with different teachers and learnt many approaches, techniques and exercises.  
·         Their previous experience of working with adults and children in performing and teaching circus skills makes the course as informative, enriching and supportive as possible.  
·         They were accredited by the UK permaculture diploma in 2011 and are now offering introductory courses and full certificated PDC courses and advanced internships.
·         You can see more information about previous courses on the site:  
·         There you can also see a portfolio of design work and information about his farm in Foz da Cova in the Serra of central Portugal.
What can you bring?
All participants are invited to share their previous skills, enthusiasm, inspiration, interests and experiences and may find themselves teaching at times.
“A willingness to learn and teach are two sides of the same coin”

Where is the internship?
Foz da cova, Colmeal, Gois, Portugal

When will it take place?
When ever you would like if we have places.
What accommodation is available?
Camping with shared facilities (toilets, bathrooms).  For those with live-in vehicles there is also park up space with water nearby.
What about food?
We will cater for you though you may, at times, be involved in the kitchen work eg cooking, washing up... The common food will be vegetarian, when possible with gluten-free options. Special health requirements can be arranged at request or self-made in the common kitchen.
And drinks?
We have a spring in the middle of the village, we make healing herbal teas and coffees can be made.  
What is the cost of the internship?
4 days (4 to 6 hours a day) a week work plus 25 euro a week contribution to help with extra
food costs.  
What type of work will I be doing?
This can and will change from day to day, although there are some jobs that need doing every day ( eg looking after the animals, cooking  cleaning) this is the smaller part of what we do and the main jobs vary depending on the season and the priority at the time. Some likely themes to the work will include eco building, garden work, preserving harvests etc… but also you will have a fair amount of free time when you can do your own thing, read a book. do some personal reflection, take a walk, work on your own designs and projects etc…

In what language will it be taught?
Mainly in English, so it will be necessary to have at least a basic level in this language, but the teachers also know Portuguese and can translate any difficult words or concepts.
Following the course, students will receive, in digital format, all hand-outs (providing supporting information), slide show presentations (containing a large amount of the course material) and a number of other resources and information after the course, also in English.

For more information or if you would like to join us on our internship please email us on

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