Saturday, December 31, 2011

Foz da Cova

Stepping into Now
Life is afoot
Enjoying every step.

We've journeyed to the highest highs and persisted through the lowest lows in our journey to find a place we can call our home.

This journey has brought us to central Portugal and to a land of long forgotten, hidden abundance and social cooperation. Here in the heart of the Serra do A├žor there are rivers and gardens that grow from season to season, all colours of the rainbow. Mountain tops range from snow capped to scorching hot with the turn of the year, but some valleys are a shelter from these extremes, with fresh clean water all year round and winter sunshine.

Now there is a new community of emerging hopefulness,in the form of many different people settling in the the area, helping each other out in starting, sharing our skills, working together to renew this once vibrant, thriving & sustainable bio/region.

A place to call our home
To grow our garden
To return to

It has taken us more than a year of searching in this region to find the place for us but now we are finally there, living in our 4.5m yurt, we have a house which we start work on in the spring but for now it just feels great (after over 5 years of traveling and working on other peoples lands) to be able to stay in one place, to have no rush to get things done, to finally feel a sense of permanence in a place, to be laying down our roots and getting in tune with the nature of our surroundings.
How can there be any type of permaculture without this happening first?
To be moving though is to not give as much as we wished to a place.
But now we can give our whole hearted care and nurturing kindness to this place known as
Foz da Cova.